Tranquility Ranch

In God We Trust . . .

Acreage and Habitat

The majority of our ranch is made up of East Texas hardwood in the Lake Creek bottoms of Montgomery County, Texas; perfect for wildlife and plant diversity. Snakes of all four poisonous varieties live on our land. In fact, more than fifty percent of the snakes we find are poisonous. Our Wildlife Biologist reported to us that this area supports more deer per acre than any ecosystem in Texas due to the proliferation of deer-edible plants that the land provides. In 2013, we started production on a lake that will cover roughly fifty-four acres. This will immensely add to the Tranquility Ranch experience.

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We hunt deer, pigs, duck and much small game on the ranch. Click on HUNTS  (Page Coming Soon) to see pictures. We also host retreats and devotionals around the campfire at the old dairy barn that we have turned into a cabin.

Horses: The bulk of our horse herd lives on our ranch where they roam the full 1210 acres. In our breeding program we not only expect to get nicely colored horses, but we also want horses which are conformationally correct, can perform in any arena and have the mentality characterized in world class animals. 

Book: Nathan has written and published a book called "Christ at the Coffee Shop".  Click on BOOK (Page Coming Soon) to view or buy. He is also preparing another book called "How To Keep Fear From Scaring You To Death". A sample chapter will be available soon.

Activities: For our special guests who like to camp, we have constructed four canvas wall tents that are erected on wooden decks. The tents are 10 x 12, and the decks are 10 x 18, with a six foot porch outside the front tent-flap. They are equipped with cots inside and fire-rings outside for an excellent camping experience. Other activities include group hog hunts, horse back riding, hand gun safety classes, camp fire devotions and more.

Closed to the Public, but . . .
Our ranch is not a commercial enterprise and we are not open to public entry. We do make friends easily, however. So, if you are in our neck of the woods and want to come by for a cup of coffee and a jelly sandwich, we invite you: come visit us on the beautiful Tranquility Ranch.

Meet the Tranquility Ranch Family . . .

Tranquility Ranch includes Nathan and Lindy Ingram (Owners), Logan and Cindy Ingram (Son & Daughter-In-Law), Caleb and Kelsey Ingram (Son & Daughter-In-Law), J.P. and Carter McIntosh (Son-In-Law & Daughter), along with all their kids.

About Us


 Tranquility Ranch is the home of Nathan and Lindy Ingram, the owners of Lone Star Behavioral Health in Tomball and Cypress, Texas.  We hope you enjoy the beautiful scenery and people that comprise our ranch.  God and family are the most important things to us and we have striven to demonstrate the same in everything we do.  Welcome to our ranch, and thanks for visiting.